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Boat rental agreement


Landlord: Taikaloora, Haminatie 4, 91700 Vaala, Finland

Tenant (s): ____________________________________________________

Boat for rent: ____________________________________________________

Rental period: _______________________________________________________

The terms of the agreement have been read and accepted by both parties.

Vaala _______. _______. _______

Tenant’s signature: _______________________________________________

Landlord’s signature: _______________________________________________

1. Using the boat

(a) The lessee is obliged to take care of the boat as well as a diligent person of his own and to exercise special care and caution when boating.

(b) The lessee is responsible for ensuring that the person operating the boat has adequate knowledge and skills in handling the boat to be rented in the water area used. The lessee is responsible for all possible personal injuries during the rental period.

c) If the boat is left unattended, it must be locked.

d) The boat is handed over to the customer with a tank full of fuel. The overall condition of the boat will be checked to prevent any future disputes.

e) It is strictly forbidden to use the boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

f) Everyone in the boat must wear life jackets at all times while in the boat.

2. Responsibility for the boat and its equipment

The lessee is responsible for the boat and its equipment during the rental period and is obliged to:

• To compensate for damage to the boat and its equipment

• Replace parts and equipment lost during the rental period

Examples of compensation in the event of damage:

• Propeller approx. 300, –

• Outboard gear approx. 1000, –

3. Obligations of the lessor

The landlord will hand over the boat in good condition. In addition, the lessor must provide the lessee with adequate guidance and instructions on the use of the boat.

4. Boat fuel and maintenance

The tenant pays for the fuel he needs. The landlord indicates the type of fuel used in the engine. The lessee is liable for damages caused by the use of the wrong type of fuel. The lessee is also obliged to take care of normal inspections of the boat such as the amount of engine oil, cleanliness of the boat, etc.