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Booking conditions


Taikaloora follows the following conditions concerning the booking of lodging services and the cancellation of booked lodging services.

The booking conditions become binding for both, Taikaloora and a customer, once a customer has completed his/her booking.


  • To be entitled to make a booking a customer must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking and plenipotentiary person in charge
  • a customer conducts a prepayment (20% of the rental price) immediately.  If the booking is done less than 21 days before the agreed rental period, there is no prepayment and the total sum of the service must be paid immediately following the given instructions.
  • When a customer books he/she receives the invoice.
  • When a customer picks up the key he/she should be prepared to show the receipt of the payment.


  • It is not possible to inform about a cancellation by just not paying the rental price. Cancellation must be done directly to the service provider.
  • If a customer has to cancel his/her booking he/she should notify the service provider immediately.
  • Cancellation must always be in writing or otherwise considering the circumstances in appropriate way to the address stated by the service provider.
  1. If a customer cancels his/her booking 21 days before the beginning of the service, he/she is charged only the prepayment.
  2. If the cancellation is done less than 21 days before the beginning of the service or the customer does not notify the service provider before the beginning of the service that he/she does not use the service, the service provider is entitled to collect the full price of the service. 
  • If the cancellation is done before the beginning of the service but a customer or his/her next of kin suddenly gets ill, severely injured or encounters death after the booking, a customer is entitled to receive a refund of all the money he/she has paid. * A customer must inform the service provider immediately and present a reliable document (for example doctor’s certificate).

* If the cancellation occurs after the beginning of rental period, the full price of the service is not refunded.

  • If a customer changes the service or the site or the date of the lodging, it is regarded as a cancellation of the earlier booking and the establishment of a new one.


  • The service provider can cancel a booking in case of force majeure. The service provider has to immediately inform the customer about the cancellation. The customer has the right to get refund of all conducted payments. If a booking is cancelled due to force majeure, any expenses that have possibly originated to the customer are not refunded. 
  • The service provider has the right to cancel a booking if the payments are not fulfilled by the agreed date of payment.


  • The keys to the holiday accommodation are given to the customer according to the pickup instructions that are found in the description of the accommodation.
  • If the key to the accommodation disappears, the service provider has the right to charge the extra expenses that arise from the lost keys.


  • The holiday accommodation is available for the customer on the day of arrival earliest at 15.00 o’clock and until the day of departure latest at 12.00 o’clock unless it states otherwise in the description of the accommodation.
  • The rental price of the holiday accommodation includes free use of the accommodation
  • The accommodation includes furniture, cooking and eating utensils, pillows and blankets as well as fuel for heating, cooking and lighting.
  • Accommodation equipment does not include linen unless it states otherwise in the description of the accommodation. A customer can rent linen (includes: bedsheet, quilt cover, pillowcase, shower and hand towels) from the service provider for 10 €/person (pick up and return to Taikaloora) or a customer can bring his/her own linen.
  • If a customer has not used linen, he/she will be charged for the washing of the mattresses and the bedding, minimum charge is 60 €.
  •  A customer is responsible for the cleaning of the holiday accommodation in the rental period and when a rental period is over. The description of the accommodation includes instructions for the departure cleaning.
  • In some of the holiday accommodation sites a customer can order the departure cleaning the same time with the booking. However, even if the departure cleaning is ordered, the accommodation has to be in a condition corresponding to “normal use”.
  •  The service provider has the right to charge even a double price for the cleaning of the not cleaned or not properly cleaned holiday accommodation. The service provider is not responsible for the things left to the holiday accommodation.


  • The number of persons staying at the holiday accommodation must not exceed its capacity.
  • Tents or caravans on the accommodation site are not allowed without separate permission of the owner.


  • A customer is bound to immediately make a complaint to the service provider or the caretaker of the accommodation if there are any shortcomings in the service or the holiday accommodation. In that case, the shortcomings can possibly be fixed or compensated during the rental period.
  • If a customer has not made a complaint about possible shortcomings to the service provider during the rental period, he/she loses the right to any compensation.
  • If there has not been found a satisfactory solution to the object of the complaint during the rental period, a customer can send a written complaint to the service provider within a week after the rental period has ended.


  • The service provider or it’s representative has the right to annul the rental contract immediately, if a customer does not despite a warning stop causing a disturbance to the people living in the same premises or to the neighbors or otherwise violates agreed living arrangements. A customer has to pay for the possible expenses that arise from the disturbance situations (for example security company’s fee).
  • The service provider is not liable to compensate for possible expenses or discomfort that are caused by nature conditions, insects, ants, unexpected weather changes, construction work or constructions in the neighbor property, equipment or other changes made by the owner of the accommodation that has not been informed to the service provider or other problems caused by a third party (for example interruptions in the water, electricity or television networks) to the customer.


  • The service provider is not responsible for the damage that is caused by force majeure or other unpredictable reason that the service provider or assistant businessman could have not prevented even if they acted very carefully.
  • The service provider must inform the customer without delay about the obstacle and try to minimize the damage suffered by the customer.
  • The customer has to follow the instructions and orders that are related to using the service given by the service provider, as well as the customer is responsible for the damages that he/she causes to businessman or to third party.
  • The customer is responsible to make sure that he/she has all the valid documents that are needed for using the service.
  • If the customer does not use all the agreed services or uses them only partly, he/she does not have the right for a discount or refund on these grounds.
  • If the customer causes damage to the accommodation or its movables, he/she is liable to pay for the damages directly to the owner via the service provider.


  • Smoking is allowed only outside of the accommodation.
  • Pets are not allowed unless it is mentioned in the description of the accommodation.
  • The service provider is not liable for any allergies or other problems resulting from unauthorized smoking or animal dust.


  • Due to extensive consumption of water and firewood, all kinds of bathing tubs and swimming pools are forbidden on the lot of the accommodation. They also bother the neighbours, and erosion as well as slipperiness can take place when the tub or pool is emptied.
    If the bathing tub or swimming pool belongs to the standard equipment of the accommodation, the use fee is part of the rental price and mentioned in the accommodation description.
  • If the customer uses a bathing tub or swimming pool without permission, he/she will be charged 500 €.

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